The American Soldier

I finished this up and decided not to wait so long to post it. We’ll consider this a bonus post today. It’s called The American Soldier.

The American Soldier
Copyright 2012 Chris Martin

In the fading sun, you can see them standing tall
The fearless men and women, unafraid to risk it all
So far away, they fight even when it doesn't make sense
While we sleep inside the safety of our white picket fence

A father sits in silence, a wrinkled picture in his hand
With each tear that slowly falls, he prays they understand
They are his world, but sometimes life keeps them apart
He gently touches each face, as the pain consumes his heart

A mother holds her breath, smoke and chaos all around
When the bomb exploded, it knocked them all to the ground
An innocent boy, caught in the middle, lying broken and all alone
She picks up her rifle and thinks about her son back home

Each day goes by, one more closer to the end
Sometimes they aren't even sure, if they will make it home again
They cast aside the fear and doubt, there's no time to be afraid
If duty calls for sacrifice, they will wear honor all the way to the grave

A son trembles as the darkened sky flashes under the attack
He knows they're counting on him, to always have their back
With determination that stems from the very soul of a warrior
He continues forward, step by step behind his brothers

A daughter holds a young girl's hand, tries to gently calm her fears
So many children wander with nowhere to go, dirty faces washed with tears
She holds her close and whispers that everything will be alright
Nothing will stop her from keeping the little one safe tonight

Without hesitation, they leave everything behind for the cause
They rush headlong into the battle, when most might stop and pause
They give up the comforts of an ordinary life
And lay it all down, in service, to protect our rights

From wars that have come and gone, the crimson stains run deep
Memories of the ones we lost, now resting in eternal sleep
Their legacy lives inside the very backbone of the red, white, and blue
Raise Old Glory high, everything they sacrificed was for me and you

Through the history of time, men and women have always answered the call
Promised to never give up, even when some of them fall
They took an oath to defend the constitution against enemies of any kind
But no matter what the cost, they will never leave another soldier behind

When you kneel at your bed and say those prayers tonight
Remember the ones, a world away, who continue to fight
Fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters join together as one
They carry the cry of freedom into the shadows of a fading sun

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