Do You Judge a Book by its Cover?

A book cover. As a reader, it is the first thing that either pulls me in, or pushes me toward a different selection. I have scrolled through the Kindle store looking for something new to read and passed by on several just because the cover did not appeal to me. That is probably not fair at all to the author, but I’m just being honest. (Since I’ve started selling my own work on Amazon, I have tried to give some books a chance, especially if I’ve interacted with the author in any way.) As a writer, I realize how vital it is to have an eye catching image on the front of my book. It is the main selling point.

You can learn so much about a book just by taking once glance at its cover. In this world where we are almost programmed to make decisions in a nanosecond, the cover has to be so intriguing that no one can pass it up without taking a peek inside. Since I didn’t inherit any artistic capabilities other than writing, if I tried to create my own covers, they would probably resemble a game of hangman. I can barely draw a straight line. You should see me play Draw Something on the iPad. 90% of the time, I just write out the word and forget about trying to draw it.

When I started to self-publish my books, I knew that I would need someone experienced in design and layout. I looked no further than Mom. She has been designing online graphics for years and is the most artistic person I know. I have three books for sale currently on Amazon, and I have not been disappointed with the covers. I wanted to take this week to give my mom, Betty Jo Martin, a huge shout out for all the work she has done on my books. (I have a link to her blog over on the right, but here it is in case you missed it: Living Real)


Click to enlarge.

Other Side of Night was the first novella I published on Amazon. This story has appeared in two different newspapers, one of them being the West Australian. This cover absolutely captures the essence of the plot.

Other Side of Night



Click to enlarge.

The Stranger. This is, by far, the best thing I’ve written yet. (That is, of course, my own opinion.) The cover screams creepy, which I love. This is also my favorite cover art. Who wouldn’t get a little nervous being out in those woods?

The Stranger



Click to enlarge.

I was somewhat hesitant when Mom first showed me the figure with a ? for his head. By itself, I have to say, it was quite comical. Once she had finished the entire cover, I was hooked. It’s one of the most unique book covers I have ever seen, and I absolutely love it.



Next week: Love, Pain, and Song Lyrics

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