Love, Pain, and Song Lyrics

I’ll never forget the first thing I ever wrote. I was in school, and we were taking end of the year achievement tests. I finished the English section rather quickly and sat there waiting for everyone else to finish theirs. I started jotting down a poem on a piece of notebook paper. Before I knew it, I had completed my first writing project (outside of the usual school assignments). I was very excited, to say the least. I enjoyed making words rhyme, so I eventually started writing song lyrics. I’ve had a couple put to music, but most just sit on my computer with no melody.

Having moved to Charlotte and become actively involved with One7 for two years now, I’ve heard so many stories from the kids that would completely rip your heart out. Most of them have suffered through more pain already than I will ever have to face in a couple of lifetimes.

I wanted to share with you two songs that I’ve written. The first one is entitled Will You Love Me. This one describes most of the kids we work with at One7.

Will You Love Me
© 2011 Chris Martin/Chris Burnett

(verse one)

I show you my smile, but inside I'm hurting
My heart's on the brink of defeat
We talk for awhile, but inside I'm searching
For a love that's forgotten me

The marks on my arm, evidence of my shame
Why am I never good enough
You cry for my scars, but you don't know my pain
It feels like I'll never be loved


Can you hear my cry from the depths of my fear
Will you love me, will you love me
I can't explain why, but I don't want to be here
Will you love me, will you love me

(verse two)

I'm the girl in the crowd, the one you don't see
Hiding behind all my fears
I'm the boy who is loud, alive and carefree
I won't let you see all my tears

There is no love at home, I don't need all this pain
I have a heart no one will forgive
I am always alone, everyday just the same
I have no reason to live

(pre chorus)

If you would just let me in you would see
You're not that much different than me

(repeat chorus)

The next song I want to share is one that I wrote about my Dad. As I mentioned in a previous post, he passed away in October of 2008. It was an extremely distressing time for all of us. Dad and I used to play golf once a week, and one day I started thinking about those times we shared out on the golf course. I came up with this song. It’s entitled Dad Moment.

Dad Moment
© 2011 Chris Martin

(verse one)

I drove by the park today
Walked the course where we used to play
The grass is going to need a cut real soon

So many memories came to life
Wish I could turn back the time
I sure do miss those Monday afternoons

It was you and me in the fading sun
Just a boy and his Dad having so much fun

I know you're smiling down on this broken heart


I never knew pain could hurt this way
I remember everything you used to say
About life, about love and all the rest

I don't know why you had to leave
God took the strongest part of me
If forgetting is the answer, then I've failed the test

Forgive me this is where they start
Tear stains on the deepest part
It's just another Dad moment from my heart

(verse two)

The kids are growing up so fast
It's hard to live outside the past
They talk about you pretty much every day

Holidays and birthday wishes
They miss your hugs and your kisses
Nothing can replace your gentle way

Now it's you and me in the fading light
On my knees with a prayer tonight

Please ask God to heal Mom's broken heart

(repeat chorus)

Next week: Everyone Has a Story. Meet Hassan

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