I usually post on Mondays, but wanted to share this. Being around One7 for the last two years, I’ve seen, and heard about, a great amount of pain and heartbreak. The kids we work with are facing challenges every day, in school and at home. Something I always say is that everyone has a story. It’s true. Everyone does, and we should take the time to listen. I wrote this song entitled Story, with those thoughts in mind.

Copyright 2012 Chris Martin

(verse one)

There she sits all alone, a smile upon her face
The girl in black, the rings and tats
In this world, she's so out of place

The other kids walk by, without a second glance
They can't see that she's dying inside
In this world, she just wants a chance


She wants to tell her story
To anyone who will listen
She wants to share her heart
And find the love that she's been missin'

All it takes is just a moment
To step into someone else's life
Everyone has a story
Let's make sure it doesn't end tonight

(verse two)

On the edge of heartbreak, the pain is always real
Even though there are no tears
The smile doesn't show what she feels

Don't be the one that walks by, without a second glance
You can see that she's dying inside
Be the one who gives her a chance

(repeat chorus)


A broken home, her Daddy left last week
She can't wipe away the tear stains on her cheek
She has nowhere to turn, no hope in sight
Be the answer to her prayers tonight

(repeat chorus)

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Have a blessed day,



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