The Important Things in Life

A friend of mine posted a story on Facebook that caught my attention for a couple of reasons. The first being that the incident took place in Charlotte NC, where I currently live. The second reason was that it involved a soldier who lost both of his legs fighting in Afghanistan. I don’t get into politics at all, but I do have the utmost respect for anyone willing to risk their life to protect the freedoms we all too easily take for granted in this country. (Click HERE to see the article.)

I won’t go into all the details of the story since you can read it for yourself, but it saddens me to think this all started because both parties root for different football teams. I mean, come on, this man went to fight in a war thousands of miles away, lost both legs in the process, and can’t wear his team’s jersey into a restaurant without someone treating him and his family like garbage? What has this world come to?

Don’t get me wrong, I love sports. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being passionate about your favorite team. I love the Miami Dolphins (Don’t laugh. I know they stink, but I have been a fan since the Marino days.) and the Chicago Bulls, but I’m not going to disrespect a man, who sacrificed so much for the country I call home, just because he likes a different team. That is ridiculous on so many levels. As I read the story, I got angry and then teary-eyed. It must have felt like such a slap in the face to be treated like that after sacrificing both legs to defend the very ones who were calling him names and threatening his family.

I was shocked to read that the restaurant staff asked the soldier and his family to leave. Wow. At first, I didn’t even know where to begin on that part. I read later on their Facebook page (Click Here) that the establishment owner did, in fact, contact them directly and invited them to come back. I felt somewhat better after reading that.

With the ups and downs of life, and what we all go through on a daily basis, sports should be near the bottom of our priority list.

I would rather try to help the family down the street who has no food. Or be a friend to the kid at school who is terrorized by bullies every day. What about the single mom with six children who escaped a refugee camp in Africa and does everything in her power to keep them afloat. Working with inner city youth, I’ve seen all of these examples on a first hand basis, and it breaks my heart. Instead of disrespecting someone because they have different views, let’s embrace the differences, and do what we can to help our fellowman.

We’re all in this together. This thing we call life. In a world where there are so many hurting and lost people, we can be the difference that we talk about so much. Instead of tearing each other down, let’s encourage one another and do everything we can to help those in need.

Next week: Through the Fire

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