If These Walls Could Speak

I was talking with a One7 girl the other day and she was telling me more things about her life and the stuff she goes through. Her room is where she goes when nothing makes sense. It’s where she cries, laughs, prays, and tries to find hope. Everything she told me inspired these lyrics. It’s called If These Walls Could Speak.

If These Walls Could Speak
© 2013 Chris Martin

(verse one)

Another night of sadness, I whisper a silent prayer
I close the door, turn out the light, and hope You’re still there
Tired of feeling alone and unable to find a reason to live
Have I gone so far even You can’t forgive

In the darkness of my solitude, I trade the knife for a pen
With shaking hands, words on paper soothe my soul again


If these walls could speak, they would share a million stories
They’ve seen me try without fail, to exchange my pain for glory
If these walls could speak, they would paint quite the picture
Of a girl who can’t get it right, inspiration mixed with failure

They’ve watched me cry every night for a family I can’t save
Names etched with pencil, where paint has begun to fade
They’ve witness the hurt, the reason behind my scars
They listen as I cry out to God, with questions from a broken heart

If these walls could speak

(verse two)

The emptiness I feel is nothing compared to what You lost
When you gave us love, Your only son to die on the cross
As my tears start to fall, outside the sun begins to rise
A weary heart is thankful just to make it through the night

I take a deep breath, pray for courage to face the day
I look to You for hope, I look to You to guide my way

(repeat chorus)

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Have a blessed day,


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