What If (Part 2)

What if we stopped giving our opinion and started giving our time.

What if we actually became the person we portray on social media.

What if we stopped protesting everything and started leading by example.

What if we made time for God as much as we make time for TV, eating out, and our smart phones.

What if we stepped off the sidelines and entered the game.

What if we became intentional and stopped allowing other people to raise our children.

What if we opened our stained glass church doors to the beggars, homeless, drug addicts, prostitutes, poor, needy, dirty, smelly, loud, disabled, hungry, and rejected.

What if we truly gave to those who could never pay us back.

What if we stopped walking past the smile on the outside and took the time to notice the hurting, broken heart inside.

What if we said “I love you” instead of “What can you do for me?”

What if we were willing to pay the true price required to follow Christ.

What if we stopped reading books filled with profanity, sex, and violence and started reading the Bible.

What if we stopped viewing God as an obligation but rather as a relationship.

What if we were as fanatical about Jesus as we are for our favorite sports team.

What if the phrase “Taking care of number one” became nothing more than a long forgotten fad.

What if we spent more time praying for our enemies.

What if we truly, honestly loved others in the same way we love ourselves.

What if…

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