Band of Brothers: We do not fight alone.

Awesome post from my friend, Jim. If you aren’t already, start following this guy. He has some amazing posts. Just like we say in One7, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

Cannot Contain

A mostly fictional account of confession and brotherhood.


It’s raining.  Which means that, for no logical reason whatsoever, traffic will be a disaster.  I had decided a month ago that this would be the week, and I don’t need this extra aggravation of fighting traffic to be piled on top of this weight that already sits on my shoulders.  Why does God pile on like this?  I’m trying to do a good thing here.  The right thing.  For once.

Crawling along the expressway doing the mental math on how late I’m going to be, I can see their faces.  Shock.  Surprise.  I can see the life they have in their eyes leaving as they realize this “stand up guy” sitting in front of them has been a fraud for the past five months.  Yeah, I’m a stand up guy.  Right.

Addiction.  I hate that word.  I hate it.  It’s…

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