What Do You Stand For?

I guess this post will be sorta-kinda like a follow up to my earlier post, “What’s in a Name?”. I feel like people know and label Christians not so much for what they stand for, but what they stand against, or protest against. That’s not how I want to be remembered. This topic reminds me of a great song by Casting Crowns entitled Jesus, Friend of Sinners. The lyric goes “Nobody knows what we’re for only what we’re against when we judge the wounded. What if we put down our signs crossed over the lines and loved like You did.”

That is so true. I may be way off with this mindset, but here is how I see things. When we picket, protest, or boycott, we are immediately saying “You’re wrong. I’m right.” Even if we know in our minds that we are hating the sin but not the sinner, how on Earth would a person know that? All they see is us coming at them with signs and raised fists judging their lifestyle, where they shop, their opinion on abortion, etc. I don’t believe it’s important in this day and age to be “right”. I believe it’s more important, even vital, to be an example.

Jesus lived a perfect life. No one can argue that. Before He lowered Himself to become human and be born into a filth infested stable, surrounded by animals, feces, and whatever else, God gave the Israelites a set of rules and regulations they must follow. They utterly failed at any attempt to obey each and every law. They were human. Perfection was an impossible standard for them to measure up to. As it is for us today. God understood this, and sent Jesus to be the blood sacrifice necessary to save us from our sins.

That blood covers all of our sins, past, present, and future. All of our sins were in the future when He died on that cross. Jesus is our example, but we will never be able to repeat His life while we live here on this planet. We will fail. It is my belief that we can be the best example of Jesus by simply loving others. We’re human, so love will not always be the first thing that comes out of our mouth, is shown through our actions, or mirrored in our thoughts. But we have to try. God is love. If we aren’t showing people love, how are we showing them God?

Please don’t think I’m saying this is easy. It’s not at all. The hardest thing to do is love people who don’t give a crap about you. It’s hard to give everything you can to help someone, and they eventually walk away as if they didn’t even know you. It’s hard to love someone unconditionally when all they do is go behind your back and hurt you with words. It’s hard to love someone and they don’t even have the decency to say a simple thank you. Love is a risk. You risk your feelings, emotions, and time on those who will never be able to give anything back. Or those who may not want to give anything back.

It’s so much easier to lash out at people because what they are doing is sin. It’s so much easier to stand outside of an abortion clinic, hold a sign, and shout at the young teenagers walking in. It’s so much easier to see a prostitute on the street corner and shake our head in disgust. It’s so much easier to see the man at the intersection holding a cardboard sign and immediately assuming he is a lazy low-life begging for money. I’ll admit it. I’m guilty as charged. Until we form a relationship with someone, and truly get to know them, we can’t possibly have any clue about what they are going through.

There has to be a change, a shift in our thinking process. It’s so easy to see the sin everyone else is committing, but nearly impossible for us to admit to our own. Just because we might think we know all the answers, we don’t. We can’t possibly understand God. If we could, it would make Him no bigger than us. Why we would want to serve a God that puny? In this universe filled with the planets, billions of stars, and space beyond what we can even imagine, we are only specs of sand. We’re nothing. We can’t judge others. We can’t assume anything about others. The only thing we can do that will not be wrong in any way is love others.

Unconditional love. Love is powerful. That is what I want to be remembered for. Not something I protested or signed a petition for. I want people to remember me for loving them no matter what. For showing them love that knows no bounds. A love that overcomes race, religion, and language barriers.

Let’s put down our signs, cross over the lines, and love them like Jesus.


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Have a blessed day

One thought on “What Do You Stand For?

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