What Are We Desperate For?

I won’t lie. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the entire year. And it’s not because I’m thankful. It’s all about the food. I start looking forward to the Thanksgiving meal the day after Thanksgiving. I mean, come on. Turkey. Mashed potatoes. Stuffing. Pumpkin pie. Gravy. Okay, I need to stop and wipe up the puddle of drool on my keyboard. Just because I look forward to the food doesn’t mean I’m not thankful for what I have in my life. I strive to be thankful every day, not just during the month of November. I don’t join the masses and write something I’m thankful for on Facebook every day during the month. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that because there isn’t. I just think we all fall into a pattern.

During Christmas, everyone celebrates the birth of Christ. We should be celebrating that every single day. Easter is the same way with the resurrection. Almost every day, I’m reminded of the pain and agony Jesus went through for me on the Cross, and His triumphant victory over death when He stepped out of the tomb. Sure, there are days when I don’t stop and say “Thank You, Jesus, for everything You’ve done for me.” It’s my goal, my desire to do that, but I am going to fail sometimes. We all do. And that’s okay. That’s the beauty of grace.

I feel that sometimes we get so busy and caught up in life that we take for granted the things that really mean the most.

What I dislike the most around Thanksgiving is the ever present Black Friday. That day is a vivid reminder that this world needs Jesus. Something is seriously wrong when it doesn’t matter who we trample on to get the latest Xbox console. Why would we camp outside of Walmart for a solid week in the bitter cold and freezing rain to snag a TV, but won’t go down to the inner city and feed some homeless people? I have never, and will never, go to any stores on Black Friday. And it’s not for some political stance against capitalism. There are several reasons. And these are my own, personal reasons. I’m not pointing fingers, saying you should not shop, or anything like that.

(1) I hate crowds. Especially when it contains people who would kill me over a new cell phone.

(2) I’ve got better things to do than stand in line for days when there are kids right here in my vicinity who have no parents and no one who gives a crap about them.

(3) It must hurt Jesus to see millions of people pushing, shoving, cursing, hitting, kicking, and trampling one another to get the latest and greatest in technology, when His love and grace are completely free of charge.

(4) Jesus didn’t allow Himself to be brutally murdered on that Cross so I could have material possessions. (Before you get riled up and accuse me of saying it’s wrong to have stuff, I want you to know that’s not at all what I’m saying.)

There are probably more reasons I could come up with, but that’s good for now. You see where I stand on this. And, like I said, those 4 reasons are why I don’t shop on Black Friday.

I wanted to end this post with some pictures. The first one is people in Haiti trying desperately to get some food, pushing through the gate at a food handout station. The others are of Black Friday. What are we desperate for? Material things that we can not take with us when we leave this planet? Or are we desperate for and concerned with things that matter? Lost souls. The poor. The hungry. The homeless. The orphans. Are we desperate for Jesus?

Trying to get foodHOLIDAY SHOPPINGhqdefault


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