If Jesus was on Twitter

If Jesus was on Twitter
I bet he’d have millions who would follow
Although most of what He said
Would be too much for the masses to swallow

His hashtag would be #truth
Because that’s all He knows how to speak
He would talk about radical love
And how we’re to stand up for the weak

I doubt he would post the video
Of that time when He walked on water
Instead He might implore us
To be better examples to our sons and daughters

He wouldn’t quote the religious
Instead, He would tell us about His story
How He sacrificed His life
So we could trade our filthy rags for glory

He might even get a retweet
Although many would not understand
It’s not about us and what we want
It’s about the scars in His nail-pierced hands

If Jesus was on Twitter
I’m sure we would give him a mention
Is it because we serve Him daily
Or do we think that keeps us out of Hell’s detention

You see, Jesus would say to follow Him
But there are few who understand the cost
So many think they are righteous
Just because they favorite His story of the Cross

It takes more than online faith
To have our name written in the Book of Life
It’s more about what others don’t see
Like when we’re looking at porn instead of our wife

If Jesus was on Twitter
It would be easy to quote His tweets
But what about the homeless man on the corner
Would we be as eager to wash his feet

Are we willing to give it all up
And follow every one of His words
If Jesus was on Twitter
Would He really ever be heard


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Have a blessed day

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