In Memory of Sandy Hook (Finally Got My Wings)

It’s hard to believe that Saturday, December 14, will mark the one year anniversary of the horrible shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown. As with most tragedies, I usually express my thoughts by either writing a blog post or some song lyrics. I wrote this last year soon after the event.

My heart breaks for the families of the horrible tragedy in Newtown CT. While no words from the English language could truly comfort anyone, I hope that each parent, brother, sister, mother, father, and relative can somehow find peace knowing each child is resting safely in the arms of Jesus. As with most things, the incident sparked some song lyrics and I wrote them down. The title is Finally Got My Wings.

Finally Got My Wings
2012 Chris Martin

(verse one)

Hello Mom and Dad
I hate to see you both so sad
But I’m in a better place now

Through the tears and the pain
All the clouds filled with rain
You need to stay strong somehow

It’s really nice up here
No more hurt, no more fear
God says this is now our home

I am gone, but I hope you see
You’ll always have a part of me
Remember this when you feel alone


I finally got my wings
And it feels so good to fly
I know it’s hard to understand
Why I had to say goodbye

People say I’m too young
With a whole life ahead of me
But I’m with the angels now
I hope that you can see

That I finally got my wings

(verse two)

Hello Mom and Dad
I hate to see you both so sad
There’s so much I want to say

I know you had plans for me
I know how much you wanted to see
The smiles on my wedding day

Jesus is holding my hand
Dad, I hope you can understand
He’s going to walk me down the aisle

I’m sorry you can’t be here
Help Mom wipe away her tears
Think of me when you need to smile

And remember this when you feel alone

(repeat chorus)

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Have a blessed day.


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