Homeless families need your help

Obviously, the huge issue for discussion today is the Duck Dynasty television show and how the main guy was let go from A&E. Truthfully, I’m pretty sick of reading and hearing about it. We found out today that there was a huge fire last night at an apartment complex just a mile down the road from One7. One7 still rents one unit there, and we know a lot of the families who call the complex home. Many of their kids come to One7.

Here is a link to the video about what happened.


I hope that after watching this, people will realize what’s truly important in this world. It isn’t people on a television show. It’s the people who are real, and have real needs. One7 wants to help these families get back on their feet in any way that we can.

Here is the status from our One7 Facebook page. “As we get closer to Christmas and enjoying the holidays with friends and family, please keep these precious people in your prayers. This is in a nearby apt complex we do ministry with daily. They have lost everything. If you can help us be the hands and feet to these precious people, they need literally everything. Nothing was salvageable in their apts. We are collecting everything from soaps, shampoos, diapers, blankets, clothes, gift cards for the families to go buy Christmas presents since they were lost in the fire. Anything you can give to help them see there is hope, even in their darkest hour.”

If you can help, please go to our Donate page on the One7 website and click the button to give. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. These families lost nearly everything including Christmas presents for their children. Please help us help them. If you donate, please put a note that it’s for the families who lost their apartments in the fire. Thank you so much.



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Have a blessed day.

One thought on “Homeless families need your help

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