When God says jump, we ask how high

Life is always changing.

Sometimes, it’s suddenly and without reason. Other times, it’s after many hours/days/months of thought and prayer. We can’t always predict the path our lives will travel. For some, that might be frightening. It’s difficult to do something for so long, and then everything drastically changes.

Last week, God led us to step down as staff members with One7 Ministries. For those who follow my blog on a consistent basis, you know this is huge. We’re talking three and a half years of blood, sweat, and tears being the hands and feet of Jesus to the city of Charlotte. This is a major change for our family.

For the last month, we sensed God was orchestrating a change of some kind for our lives. We never thought it would be this. We didn’t seek the council of anyone other than our Heavenly Father. No one had a clue what we were praying about. Once we knew for sure what God was saying, we received confirmation from several different people. Again, they had no idea we had already decided to step down. It amazes me when the God of this universe takes the time to let you know you’re truly hearing His voice.

I don’t want you to think this was easy. While it’s been a very hard adjustment, we are completely at peace with the decision. The hardest part is knowing that not everyone will understand this radical change in our lives. To be honest, we were as shocked as everyone else. We are still trying to understand and discern the direction in which God desires us to go.

I’m reminded of Isaiah 55:8 which says:

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

If we could truly understand why God does what He does, there would be no need for faith. We can’t go through life chasing our feelings. We have to trust, and have complete faith in God. While being in ministry or deeply involved with a church is awesome, we still have to obey His instructions.

When He says jump, we ask how high. It’s that simple, yet that difficult.

We don’t know yet where God is leading us, but His plan will be revealed in His perfect timing. We covet your prayers as we continue seeking God for direction.


One thought on “When God says jump, we ask how high

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