Pressing into Him

The last two or three weeks have been absolutely amazing.

Having learned that an intimate relationship with my Heavenly Father is paramount, I’ve continued meeting with Him in the secret place. There are no words available to me that can describe how awesome this communion has been. The one thing I can say is that He is so much more real to me now than ever before.

He’s been here all along, patiently waiting for me to see how screwed up my priorities have been over the years. When I finally came crawling back to Him on my knees, He didn’t respond like we would.

He didn’t say “Well, you have to prove yourself now. I need to know you are serious this time.”

He didn’t say “Well, it’s about time. I’ve been watching you mess everything up.”

He didn’t say “You need to get your act together before you come talk to me.”

When I entered my room, closed the door, and dropped to my face in reverence of the Most High King, He simply lavished me with His unfailing love. He held me with His merciful arms as the tears streamed down my cheeks.

When it comes to God’s love for us, there are no strings attached. There are no hoops we have to jump through to obtain His approval. He created every one of us in His image. We’re already approved. We have already been given value.

We can’t allow any other human being on this planet to shape us, or mold our lives. God is the Master Potter. On the day of judgement, we won’t be standing in front of any man or woman. We will be kneeling in front of the Creator of life.

Don’t chase after temporary things that are only of this world. Don’t spend your entire life trying to please people. We will never be able to live up to other people’s expectations. And that’s okay.

God decided we were worth Him sending Jesus to die on the Cross. We have nothing to prove. We are His chosen people. We are the ones He picked to be ambassadors for Him on this earth.

That’s some awesome news right there.

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