Quick Update

Don’t really have anything in particular on my heart to share this morning.

It’s exciting to see the ways in which God is moving through our lives. We’ve had a recent influx of semi-big decisions to make, and it’s awesome to see how He confirms the fact that we are truly hearing His voice. When I go into the secret place, I just give Him everything. We are so done with worrying about tomorrow and all the what ifs. We are just allowing God to lead us by the hand and guide us with wisdom and truth.

I finished the final edit of I Was There. For those who haven’t read any earlier posts, it’s a collection of ten Bible stories written from a first person perspective. I have a few people currently looking at the manuscript and am waiting for reviews and/or endorsements. I have some very exciting news about a possible foreword, but I don’t want to say anything until it’s official. It’s completely in God’s hands. I hope to have the book uploaded and available to purchase some time in May. I will definitely let you know when it’s for sale.

I plan to start on a second collection of ten more stories. My hope is that after I self-publish three or four collections on Amazon, I can then compile them all into a paperback copy. I definitely appreciate your prayers as I seek God with this next project and discern which stories need to be included. The cool thing is that the Bible is full of amazing encounters, and there is no shortage of material for me to write about.

I mentioned in my last post, Pressing into Him, how awesome it’s been to just get alone with my Heavenly Father and commune with Him on such a deeper level than ever before. I know I keep saying this, but it’s life changing. If we don’t know who we are in Christ, we won’t have a clue how to love others. It’s really that simple. Knowing our identity is so vital to everything. I don’t want to only know “about” God, I want to know Him.

I will leave you with my latest Facebook status. “We don’t need to “feel” that God loves us or that He’s with us. We need to believe it. Huge difference between the words feel and believe. We walk by faith, not by sight, past experiences, or feelings. That’s an awesome revelation.”

It is indeed an awesome revelation.




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