Grab your copy of I Was There

I thank God everyday for the privilege to write about Him. I don’t take it for granted that I am able to wake up every morning, and praise His name. His grace is immeasurable.

I Was There has been an awesome experience for me. I love the stories included in this first collection. Even going back and reading them myself, the characters jump out from the pages like never before. I have an even greater desire to dig more into the Bible and find others that are similar.

You can get your copy HERE If you have the time, please leave a review for me on Amazon once you’ve completed the book. Thank you in advance.

I want to thank all of you who have purchased I Was There so far. It means so much to me. Here are some reviews I’ve received already.

“Chris Martin, however, has not settled for teaching us about the characters in the Bible we read. Instead, in I Was There, he has delved deep into the very being of several of the most beloved individuals in scripture. Rather than merely knowing about them and how they responded to Jesus’ impact on their lives, Martin introduces us to human beings much like ourselves, ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, and his words make it possible for us to experience their relationship with the Son of God in a way that touches our own hearts deeply.” 5*

“Hearing Bible stories is one thing, living them is another. Chris Martin brings the stories to life in a way that brings us not only to deeper meaning of scripture, but brings a perspective that makes the reader listen with their heart. A quick read that leaves an impact on the reader and the lessons are learned from the inside out. Nice job, Chris!” 5*

“I like to read books that are character driven. I want to know the people I’m reading about- what they’re thinking, how they feel, and what motivates them. Some of this information is missing when reading the Bible.

Chris Martins takes common Bible stories and adds depth to the characters. It’s gripping, heart wrenching, and enlightening. I highly recommend reading this book. It will open your eyes and heart to what God can accomplish using “everyday” people like you and me when we simply say, “yes”.

So glad I was able to be an early reader for this book. It’s a treasure.” 5*

“Though no book can ever replace the bible, which is the true word of God, I would highly recommend this book be part of the library. It’s encouraging and would assist us in wondering what the real and regular people may have felt as they lived during bible times.

knowing the author and his wife & daughters, personally and served alongside them briefly, am able to attest to the validity of Chris’ personal relationship with Jesus and his genuine faith in Jesus Christ.” 5*



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