Voice of an angel

I need to brag on my wife today. Not only is she an awesome mother of two girls, amazing bride to a guy who doesn’t deserve her, and the most compassionate, loving person on the planet, she also has a voice that will send you into an early rapture. I’m not kidding. Your chill bumps will have chill bumps.

I set up a page here on my blog to share her amazing talent. God has truly blessed her with the ability to spread the love of Christ through song. Please take a moment to listen, and comment to let her know how awesome she is. (If you listen and get swept away into the clouds, we’ll just have to hear your opinion when we reach Heaven.)

Click HERE for her page.

I am truly thankful for those of you who visit and read my blog on a consistent basis. WordPress says I have over 20,000 followers, but I usually only see 100-200 hits per day. That’s okay though. It’s not about the quantity of people who follow you, it’s all about the quality.

Jesus had 12 followers, and He completely set the world on fire.

Have a blessed day in our Lord.


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