High Price

The worth and value of something is determined by the price paid.

My heart breaks this morning for the lost. For those who have never been told how amazing and valued they are in the sight of God. That they are not an accident. That they are not just an unplanned pregnancy. That they are not a mistake. They need to know that God saw and chose them before the very foundations of the world were ever formed.

Millions of people walk the Earth with an identity that is based on the ebb and flow of life, and not the truth of the Gospel. It doesn’t matter what we’ve done. It doesn’t matter where we came from. GOD LOVES US. PERIOD.

The sad thing is, it’s not just the lost who are suffering identity crisis. It’s also many people who call themselves Christians.

We allow the circumstances of life to determine our worth, value, and identity. We are shaken and wrecked when “bad things” happen. We sing songs about the mystery of God’s love. We wonder if God still loves us when things aren’t going well. We reduce ourselves to sinners just trying to do good, hoping that God is pleased. We strive for His favor.

God sent Jesus to die on a Cross.

Why does that fact alone not stop the questioning? How much more could He possibly love us? He wants to live inside of us. Wait, let me repeat that. Read this very slowly. God, the Creator of everything, the giver of life, desires to dwell inside of us. Why do we still think there is something we can do to earn His favor? Our value and worth has already been determined and sealed. It doesn’t matter what people think or say about us. It doesn’t matter what happens at work. It doesn’t matter that we were picked on in high school.

At any time, Jesus could have stopped, flung the cross to the ground, and said “That’s it. I’m done.” Looking up at the Father, He could have said “Why are we doing this? These people don’t deserve it. Look, they are throwing rocks at me, they are punching me, whipping me, spitting on me. I’ve done nothing wrong! I have done nothing but love them, heal them, and feed them. This isn’t right. Father, get me out of here.  I’m not going through all of this for these people.”

But He didn’t. He hung there battered, bleeding, and marred more than any other man and said “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Look into the mirror and smile. You were created in God’s very own image. He wants to take down the For Sale sign inside your heart, give you a new one, and claim it as His home. Embrace His love. Die to your self, your past and everything you want. Allow Him to completely take over and transform you into something new and shiny.

With His death, Jesus paid a high price for us to live.


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