The Gospel

Just wanted to share an amazing video (one of many) from Dan Mohler. I’ve never in my life heard anyone preach the Gospel so clear. I’ve been watching a lot of his videos. He never has sermon notes, fancy catchphrases, or high tech props. He preaches the Word of God. Straight up truth.

This is actually one of his shorter ones at 42 minutes. I urge you to watch it. Not all at once if you don’t have time, but even if you have to break it up, it’s worth it. We, as a church, have not been taught the absolute, pure, good news of the Gospel like this. If you like this one, you can search YouTube for hcskl 2011. It’s a 52 day school where Dan is the main speaker.

Anyway, there really isn’t more I can say other than just give it a chance. The Bible says the truth will set us free. The truth isn’t some doctrine, belief system, or religion. The truth is a person, and that is Jesus.