Fall of Man

Can you imagine being Adam? I mean, one minute you’re dust, the next you wake up to God Himself breathing life into your nostrils. Boom. You’re a living, breathing being. The first ever created. Come on, think with me here. What must that have been like?

Did they spend a few minutes talking about what each body part was called? Did Adam ask a million questions? Did he even have the capacity to know what to ask in that moment? Did God say, “Hey, what’s up? How do you feel?”

Adam, somewhat perplexed could have responded with, “Hi, um, Dad. I don’t know.”

Or did the first man placed on the earth drop to his knees in reverence of Almighty God? Did he look into God’s face and weep? Did he jump around on his new legs, shouting so loud that the animals all gathered around to see what the commotion was about? Or were they too busy trying to figure out their own existence to even notice the crazed, two-legged creature?

Are these questions I am going to ask when I get to Heaven? You better believe it. Well, I say that. I doubt any of it will matter when I am standing face to face with Jesus.

Oh, how I wish more details had been disclosed in scripture. I’m a writer. I like to know what goes on inside the minds and emotions of people in certain circumstances. Can you imagine walking through the freshly created, perfectly formed Garden of Eden with Papa beside you? The crisp aroma of beautiful flowers. Soft feel of grass beneath your feet. Gentle babbling of a sparkling brook. This place was paradise.

No pain. No death. No frustration. No fear.

Not only did Adam have free reign over pretty much everything except one tree, God decided to grant him a partner. Someone to share it all with. He put Adam to sleep and formed woman. It’s beautiful. That the One who created everything would take the time to fashion man and woman with His own hands is so amazing and wondrous to me that, at times, it nearly brings me to tears. And people still don’t know if God loves them or not.

God never intended His creation to be under satan’s control. He created man in His own image to rule the earth in peace and righteousness. Man was perfect. Without sin and shame. Blameless before the King.

Then, in a moment that would shatter Utopia and usher in sin and death to a place void of such things, the serpent stepped in and started to work his deception. I often wonder if there were a few moments of conversation before we read the dialog between satan and Eve penned in the Bible.

Did he just walk up out of the blue and say, “Did God really say you could eat from every tree in the garden?”

Was Eve curious about who he was? Did she wonder why no other creatures could speak except for this one? Or was his cunning and charm so strong, she never had a chance to wonder about any of it?

So Eve takes a bite, shares the newly discovered fruit with Adam, and he follows suit. Did Adam fall over dead? Did Eve suddenly begin to choke and collapse to the ground? No. But, God said they would surely die.

He wasn’t talking about a physical death. The moment they ate the fruit, they died spiritually. Suddenly, they knew right from wrong. They became self-conscious. The Bible says their eyes were opened. There was immediate seperation between man and God. The way that seems right to a man was instantly born, and they ran off to get some fig leaves. They took on the very nature of the enemy. After his fate was spelled out from God, I can just picture satan slithering around off in the distance as God explains to Adam and Eve what happens next. He smiles when he listens to their fate, and how miserable life will be for them from that day forward.

Thankfully, the story didn’t end there. God sent His only Son, Jesus, to take on all of our sin in order for it’s hold to be utterly annihilated. He was marred more than any other man in history so we could reclaim our true identity. The Cross wasn’t about exposing our sin. It was about revealing our created value. Now, we can stand boldly before God as if we never ate from the tree on that fateful day in the Garden of Eden. We have been reconciled back to the Father.

Don’t let the fall of man be your identity. Deny yourself, surrender to the quiet wooing of Christ, and give Him your life. It will be the best decision  you ever make.