Identity Crisis

Brothers and Sisters, the Church is in trouble.

I’m not talking about the four-walled building we attend twice a week, the little c. I mean the bride of the living Savior, the big C.

The body of Christ is stumbling around blindly, gripped in the throes of identity crisis, and it’s ripping her apart. From the moment Adam and Eve ate the fruit, our identity was shattered. We were instantly separated from our Father. The Creator of all things. The Giver of life.

No longer could we boldly stand before Almighty God, unashamed and pure before our King. We suddenly became very self-conscious. Self-aware. Self-preserving. Self-serving.

We transformed into the antonym of God’s nature, which is love.

One lie. One deception in the garden and it was over. The fall of man. Although satan paid a price by being cursed to crawl on his belly, he rejoiced in his victory that day. He converted man from God’s original image into his own twisted nature. The nature of sin. The very nature of evil.

Because of that fall, man was doomed under the law of sin and death. God had to do something. He wanted His kids back in the family, so He sent Jesus. The purpose of the Cross wasn’t to expose our sin. It was to reveal our true identity. The identity we lost in the garden.

Isaiah 52:14 says,

Just as many were astonished at you,
So His visage was marred more than any man,
And His form more than the sons of men;

When sin got through with man in the garden, he was unrecognizable. He no longer looked as if he had been created in the very image of God. Jesus was beat to the point that He was unrecognizable. Marred more than any man. I believe He took that so we could reclaim our true identity as sons and daughters of the Most High King.

Now, there is a way. Jesus reconciled us back to God as if we never ate the tree.

God is our Father. He created us in His image. He placed such high value on our lives that He sent His Son to die. Who cares if anyone rejects you. God already accepted you. Who cares if people say you aren’t worthy. God already decided you are worthy through Jesus.

We can’t allow life to shape and mold us. Trials are going to come. The Bible tells us that. But, no matter what happens, absolutely nothing changes the truth of the Gospel. Nothing changes the fact that Christ paid a high price to bridge the gap between lost children and their Father. Our identity isn’t determined by life. Our identity was sealed in the blood of our Savior.

If we don’t establish an intimate relationship with God, we will never discover our true identity. He loves us. He wants to have communion with us daily. We spend too much time trying to incorporate God into our lives to have a better day. We quote scripture, claim promises, and pray when we are in need. That isn’t relationship.

The enemy believes that we need God, but we don’t actually love Him. When he pokes us, if frustration, fear, and confusion come out, satan knows he has us. We need to be so rooted in Christ that when satan squeezes us, Jesus pours out. Love. Forgiveness. Joy in the midst of trials.

Get in the secret place and talk to God. Everything we do should flow from that point. When we are born again and become love, we begin to see others through the eyes of our Father. We see their created value. We no longer see them through the flesh.

It’s time for the Church to rise and re-claim what was lost in the garden. Jesus paid the price. Let’s take a hold of our identity and crush Hell for a living.