A Christian perspective on Halloween

I’ve changed. I see things so differently now. That’s what happens when we become born again and allow ourselves to be pottered by our Father. Our hearts change. Our way of thinking changes. It’s awesome.

We start to see people, not for who they are standing in front of us, but we see them as God does. We see their value, worth, and potential. We see them as being created in God’s very own image. We see a life that has purpose.

Halloween is the one night of the year when hundreds of people you haven’t met come knocking on your door. Yes, most are children in search of candy, but think about it. How often do people walk up onto your front porch and ring your doorbell? I don’t see witches, sorcery, and darkness. I see opportunity.

I used to slam churches for having Trunk or Treat in their parking lots. I would say things like “They are still celebrating Halloween and worshiping the devil” and “They just change the name to make it sound better” or “God is up there shaking His head in dismay.”

Please punch me in the face. I have since repented for being so…well…judgmental.

I personally don’t believe there are different levels of love. Telling someone God loves them and He thinks they are awesome has the same effect as praying for a cripple, and they climb out of a wheelchair. It’s all about motive. To love someone means we show them unconditional love, without expecting any certain thing to happen. We love. The Holy Spirit moves. Maybe in that moment. Maybe later when that person is sitting in their car holding a gun to their head. We may never know how our words and actions impact someone.

How can we be a light to the world if we only interact with those inside a church building?

I’m not saying sacrifice animals and play with Ouija boards. I’m saying don’t turn away Iron Man when he rings your bell and holds out his hands for candy. Tell him how much Jesus loves him while you’re handing him a Snickers bar.

As Christians, we have to get over this mindset that if we accidentally see, hear, or touch evil, we become contaminated. That’s just fear, and fear isn’t of God. Jesus lives inside of us. Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world. It says that in my Bible. Do you really think He is repulsed by someone who isn’t born again? Do you think that God is up there covering His ears when someone is swearing? Come on, that sounds so ridiculous, doesn’t it? But yet, that’s what we do.

Jesus ate with tax collectors and pharisees. He laid hands on the lame, blind, and diseased. He showed mercy and forgiveness to prostitutes and murderers. People touched His cloak and became healed. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Dressing up and trekking around the neighborhood in search of candy isn’t going to damn you from ever walking through the pearly gates of Heaven. Our goal isn’t to just say a prayer and get into Heaven anyway. Our purpose on this planet is to manifest the image of God and love others. Unconditionally.

Love the cashier at Walmart who is constantly complaining about his/her life.

Love that person who stands behind you at the bank huffing and puffing because it’s taking too long.

Love the obnoxious customer who says you have no idea what you’re doing.

And love every Hulk, Minion, Zombie, Witch, Captain America, and Vampire that graces your doorstep tomorrow evening.

Instead of locking our doors, turning out the lights, and hiding in a dark corner clutching our Bibles, let’s see them how God does.

Lovable. Reachable. Redeemable.

44 thoughts on “A Christian perspective on Halloween

  1. And love us parents who choose not to condemn our LGBT children. But rather embrace them and show the radical love of Jesus to them. Stand next to them and advocate when they are victimized by their faith community or bullied at school.

    Nice post and great food for thought.


  2. I don’t support Halloween, as I feel it is demonic, but you make a good point about Christ’s heart for people, not fearing, and reaching out; well said.

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  3. Thank you for following Moonlight Gallery. Nice post! πŸ™‚ You make a great point about Christians being fearful of becoming contaminated by evil that they accidentally encounter in their lives. I have to admit I still have that fear from time to time. With all the awful things happening in the world now, I keep praying to God for courage and guidance.


  4. I like it how you saw it as an opportunity to tell the kids of words which matter. I guess we have to be more creative and aggressive than the devil on thinking of ways and seeing opportunities to reach out to people… πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!


  5. Love sinners but hate sin by not compromising as a good apple never stops rot of good apples. The only way evil succeeds is if good people of God do nothing. Christ said be not ashamed to declare Him to Lift His Name Up. How many of those collecting sweets were really witnessed to as God sent opportunity to win souls? The secular world is spiritually blinded despite signs of times warning of coming rapture and later wrath of God. Born again Christians must Stand up boldly, clearly for Christ in neighbourhoods so not to fall for everything. Seriousness of Christ is being compromised by political correctness, ‘judgemental’ label but God Will Do HIS WILL on earth as in heaven in Jesus Name.


  6. I know a couple of pastors that still hold open houses on halloween, but they tend to dislike the celebration. All Hallows Eve is a celebration of the lives of all who came before us. It is definitely a chance and an opportunity for joy and community.


  7. We are attending a fall festival with our brothers and sisters in Christ tonight. If we get trick or treaters I will smile and love their cute costumes. I do not celebrate Halloween or dress up though. I think you are so right that some people curl up in fear over the day. I just made a very bold post against Halloween, but I don’t hate those that celebrate. I also see it as an opportunity to witness and show the love of Christ! I was so lost in darkness when he found me. He loved me enough to save me from darkness. We ought to love others also.

    I think we need to be so careful though not to just blend in with the holiday. Don’t celebrate Halloween. Avoid dancing in the devil’s ballroom. But seek others in love.


  8. That was great. I struggle with the whole thing honestly. When I was first saved just several years ago, I thought the devil lurked around every corner. I still don’t think much of Halloween myself, but the folks in my house sort of play at it and I don’t burn them at the stake LOL. Even carved pumpkins with the kids just because it was fun. So…I’m torn on the issue.


  9. Why not organise a alternative hand out of candy
    In a none satanic purpose and cause?
    That way you can still be nice but not encourage a subtle trap of tradition from the belly of the false teachers.


  10. I understand your dilemma
    But don’t you claim a leadership position
    If you hand out the candy you encourage the practice
    You gave given in just for the sake of being nice?
    Being nice is not about compliance to an evil design
    Surely you know the whole thing is an evil design directed against the minds of adults and children?


  11. Muder torture false teaching is wrong
    That is not to say I curse parents and children doing Halloween
    But they are wrong
    And no church should condone or teach they are right to follow the Catholic whores and her daughters licence to mock God and follow such Catholic org institute fads designed to normalise the vomit that comes out of the Catholic Church into the world of modern commerce. And into normal family child parent relationship behaviour as traditional
    Traditional walking the way of liars is what it is from.


  12. I sound harsh and I mean to be
    But when I say believe in Jesus I mean follow him not them
    They are the haters they allow war they to rutted millions they run the the world and allow now today dead babies class in your food
    And they preach worship of men and idols and statues

    So before you judge me as some kind of deluded catholic influenced gun toting so called CHRISTIAN from politics

    I am not.
    I believe in the pure word of God and the command to love
    But I hate evil and will not condone it in others or myself.


  13. i meant to write
    The Whore (of Rome) rules the Kings of the earth they work together
    Not the White.
    I have autocorrect but it is never correct!


  14. Halloween is a catholic holiday designed to get men to worship idols originally
    To worship dead Catholics
    It’s another of their anti – CHRIST deceptions
    That they handed over to their money making world to now make money out of .
    Just like they did with their money making pagan christmas festival their placed over their Roman winter festivals on the the same date of the pagan Roman festival 25 December
    The White rules the Kings of the earth and they work together
    Their are so vile they allow murdered babies cells into foods Pepsi Kraft and nestle products
    Do not give them your money and don’t listen to them
    Ignore them and believe in Jesus.


  15. Great food for thought, I really liked this. I’ve never thought this way before. You look at the glass half full and find a opportunity for someone else.


  16. Reblogged this on Home School On A Dime and commented:
    We have chosen as a family to no longer celebrate this holiday. But where does our judgement end and our love begin? How do we live IN the world and not OF it? I think this is an awesome perspective. Thanks Chris! Next year, I plan on making Bible verse printouts to go along with my snickers bars =)
    Happy Halloween!


  17. In the village I live in Halloween is still referred to as All Saints Eve, and as such is seen as a Christian celebration so you are quite right with your observations of seeing the evening as a opportunity


  18. As Brandon Heath said it,
    “Give me your eyes for just one second. Give me your eyes so I can see. Everything that I’ve been missing. Give me your love for humanity.”

    Well written sir!


  19. INCREDIBLY said! I used to feel the same way even last year.this year, I’m understanding that hibernating and living in fear as you said is the opposite of being like Christ. We are supposed to go into the darkness as believers in Christ.how are we doing any good if we are hiding and turning out our lights figuratively and literally? may God be glorified πŸ™‚ everyday belongs to him and greater is He that is within us than he that is in this world!


  20. Ahh, I love this post, well said.

    I think it’s in Matthew’s home where Jesus is sitting down to dinner and the Pharisees scribes are like, what are you doing, you can’t eat with all these sinners! And Christ says, “It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick; I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

    I am immensely grateful I don’t have to sit down with tax collectors and be gracious towards them. Just cutely dressed candy collectors, a much easier task, I assure you. πŸ˜‰

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  21. I agree with you. We have to meet people where they are. If we’re huddled in our house with the lights off on Halloween then we’ve given the day to the devil. My husband sometimes wonders why I write novels that have some violence and bad language etc. Since when are Christians perfect–even in fiction. I try to bring the idea of salvation to people who maybe wouldn’t want to be “preached” to in a way that’s safe for them to explore and decide. Thanks for this post.

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  22. This is a great blog…we do have a “right” to our beliefs and should not “punish” others for theirs. I remember when I was attending this church when I was a teenager, the practice of this church was that Halloween was satanic, evil and we as “Christians” should stay away for celebrating this holiday, and if we do chose to celebrate this holiday we would be “punish” for disobeying God’s word, I enjoyed Halloween so this was hard for me to shallow and being a teenager I could not really go against my mother even though I wanted to, I did have a neighbor who seemed to understand how I felt and she would set a side a big bag of candy for me on Halloween.

    My mother did hand out candy on this day, but she gave out “tracks” to get children/parents to follow the beliefs of God and Jesus Christ. So this blog post really brought back memories, thanks for sharing.

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  23. Mr. Martin, I commend you. What an excellent piece, and what a great lesson for other Christians out there.

    Although I no longer partake in religious activities, and I have issues with most of the Bible, I believe in the love Jesus taught, and this right here is what it’s all about. Fundamentalist Christians don’t take a step forward to look beyond themselves and their rigid beliefs, and they mostly believe anything and do anything related to their religion “because the church says so.”

    Part of being a Christian—of becoming involved in any belief—is to analyze the teachings, and make up our own mind about it. I don’t think Jesus wanted us to “just believe,” he meant for us to truly understand if this was what we wanted to believe. That’s why he spoke in parables. That’s why he’ll always be one of the greatest teachers that ever existed.

    There is so much hidden between the lines of human lifestyle, and culture, and tradition, and Christians could work with on a positive context. I thank you for being one of those people who took the teachings to heart, and looked for God’s love within himself, as it ought to be done.

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