Veterans Day

Tomorrow is Veterans Day. It’s a time when we honor the men and women who have served in our armed forces. Great sacrifice is something to honor and preserve throughout the ages. Many of you have probably read this before, but I wrote it last year as a military tribute. I wanted to post it again in honor of the men and women who have served, and who are currently serving. God bless you.

When a Soldier Cries
Copyright 2013 Chris Martin

A tattered picture, nearly faded to white
Faces of the ones for whom a soldier fights
In the empty silence of a world so far away
On the rocky ground, the only place to lay

A father dreams of home, family, and friends
In war, there is no guarantee he will see them again
Thunder roars with fury, lightning burns the darkened skies
The mighty angels shed a tear, when a soldier cries

She walks across the street, a young child stands alone
Memories haunt her dreams of the daughters she left at home
She tries to smile, show happiness through the tears
Although she wants to help, the child retreats in fear

At night she dreams of home, bedtime hugs and kisses
She prays to one day have again, everything she misses
She can still see their faces as they spoke their last goodbyes
Nothing can soothe a heart, when a soldier cries

In the pouring rain he stands guard, rifle in hand
Just two years out of high school, his parents don’t understand
He wanted something greater than just video games and fun
He dedicated his life to become more than just an ordinary son

A young man dreams of home and wishes upon a distant star
The letters are few and far between, only time can heal a wounded heart
In the gathering shadows, just beyond where the unseen lies
Those who have gone before, bow their heads when a soldier cries

The growl of crunching metal, searing heat and flames surround
Voices of the wounded, silent screams that have no sound
She left college early and signed up to answer the call
Now lying in the wreckage, she wonders if it’s time to give it all

The young woman dreams of home, but she doesn’t surrender to the fear
She knows if they’re alive, they will come back and find her here
Chaos and confusion, in a place where hope and fate collide
She fights for every breath, there’s no shame when a soldier cries

They stand in single file, one hand raised to touch their brow
Men and women, young and old, bound together by a sacred vow
Silently they watch as each car drives slowly past
A beautiful flag covers every casket, heroes returning home at last

Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, bravery at its best
Defined by the unselfish act of sacrifice, courage passed the ultimate test
With a will stronger than iron, nerves of steel and no compromise
There’s nothing to give but respect and honor…when a soldier cries

23 thoughts on “Veterans Day

  1. Thank you for posting the poem. There are so few of us poets out there who can truly see. Your insight is combined with the true gift of a bard. Thanks again!

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  2. Thank you for remembering all of us who served. When we came back from Vietnam no one cared, and that was shameful. Saluting our veterans in acknowledging the few who gave so much so that the many would not have to.

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  3. Hi Chris… I stopped by to thank you for visiting and following The Vision of Poets… I’m honored that you enjoyed your visit. I Love this poem and I’m so very glad that you shared it with us and that you introduced me to your site… I’m sure you haven’t had the time to wander through all my posts as yet, but I would like to give you a link to a post that I feel certain you will enjoy reading whenever you find the time…
    Thank you again for sharing with us and I’m planning on spending a lot of time here catching up on your posts. Have a beautiful afternoon…

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  4. I don’t like it he is stretching too much to dignify woman in it…the truth is in the moments he speaks of there are only soldiers not woman not men not the young nor enemies…it is obviously written by a man that seeks political correctness and public appreciation of himself


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