Waiting for Daddy

The post today goes along the lines of the one I published yesterday. I’ve always had such respect for our military and those serving in law enforcement. I’ve never served in either, but my Dad did. Maybe that’s why I have such deepened sense of honor and gratitude.

I can’t imagine being a child and having a parent taken away in the line of duty. While thinking of that, I wrote Waiting for Daddy.


Waiting for Daddy

(Copyright 2014 Chris Martin)


Such tiny little hands, tiny little fingers

The softness of a newborn’s touch

Rosy cheeks, fresh scent that lingers

Two people who love her so much


He slips off into the night with a goodbye kiss

In the silence, Mom and child sit alone

She whispers a prayer, wrapped tightly in a wish

They’re already waiting for Daddy to come home


It’s her first day of school, ribbon tied in her hair

White dress and cute matching shoes

Swing sets and fun, without a worry or care

She plays as if there’s nothing to lose


Mom picks her up, a smile on her face

Her little girl already looks so grown

They sit at the table, there’s just one empty place

They’re waiting for Daddy to come home


Graduation day, it’s so hard to believe

The years have gone by way too fast

Although her future shines bright, it will be hard to leave

She clings to memories that will always last


She looks at the crowd, there’s one face missing

Her mother sits in the aisle all alone

So many stars, on which she’s been wishing

She’s still waiting for Daddy to come home


A badge and a belt, a picture with the edges well worn

All that’s left of the man she never knew

He answered the call, and on the night she was born

Lost his life while wearing the uniform of blue


Tears stream down her face as the people stand

Her mother stares at the woman all grown

They walk down the aisle, she gave herself to another man

She’s no longer waiting for Daddy to come home

9 thoughts on “Waiting for Daddy

  1. Oh for Pete’s sake! You made me cry, and I don’t cry easily. This was great, Chris. Crazy great… 🙂 You’re posts have been encouraging and challenging! Thanks,

    Daughter of the King

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  2. I get the sense, in reading this, that you have faith that her father’s example is going to inspire her to lead a life that will bring her home to her Father. That’s a great gift, not unlike the gift that Jesus gave to us all.

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  3. Beautiful!
    My son is a policeman so I know too. Knowing he must run towards the things others run away from armed with only a baton or maybe a can of pepper spray. (Gallantly non special forces UK police don’t carry guns to prevent possible escalation of violence) I pray for him daily. It’s not only only the possibility of death or injury but the constant toll it takes to being surrounded by the negative, violent and abusive. My friendly, innocent, trusting boy slowly changes into a protective, more suspicious man who has to make an effort to look for the good.

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