An open letter to Phil Robertson

Let me start by saying I love you.

Not in the oh-my-goodness-your-show-is-amazing-and-your-family-is-awesome-and-I’m-so-glad-you-guys-are-Christians-I’m-a-huge-fan kind of way. I truly love you. Just like everyone else on this planet, you were created in the image of God. Before the foundations of the world, God said, “Yeah, I want that guy.” He knew exactly what you would look like if He moved in and enveloped every empty space of your being. He loves us all that much.

I’m not writing this letter to debate your relationship with God. That is entirely between the two of you. We are all the stewards of our own hearts. You’re a public figure, maybe even a celebrity to some extent, so it’s impossible for me or anyone else to know what your walk of salvation is all about. People like to judge you for the things you say and point out that we will know you by your fruit. While that is true, the whole point of the verses in Matthew 7 isn’t about the fruit, but making the tree good.

16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

People spend so much time trying to make the fruit good, when the problem is the tree. If the tree is good, the fruit has no other option than to be good as well. It’s just an automatic by-product.

Everyone is loved by God. That list includes terrorists, homosexuals, murderers, drug dealers, and atheists. If there was one person throughout all of time who had the right to hate anyone, it was Jesus. He lived a perfect life on Earth and did nothing but help people. He healed them, saved them, fed them, and always showed compassion. Yet, while the blood poured out of His body and He hung there slowly dying, He said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Walking in unconditional love means exactly that. It doesn’t mean abusing the word love with an excuse that it’s our job to point point out someone’s mistakes and faults. Your recent statements speak volumes to your feelings towards atheists. It truly breaks my heart. God doesn’t see them as atheists. He sees them for their created value, potential, and destiny. He knows what they look like with Him living inside, and He loves that view.

We should also love that view.

When we become born again, we give up all rights to live for ourselves. We have no right to judge anyone. The more we hold onto our “rights”, the less we die to self and follow Jesus. People say we deserve this, or we deserve that. If we truly want what we deserve, we can go to Hell. That’s what we all deserve, but God longed to have His children back, so He sent Jesus to pay the ultimate price for our reconciliation. We now have the ministry of reconciliation, not judgement.

Mercy triumphs over judgement.

I hope this letter doesn’t come across as me trying to correct you. That’s not the intent. I want to encourage you to press more into Jesus every day. We don’t need to make controversial statements to get attention. When we enter into relationship with our Father, nothing else matters. We are complete in Him. He loves us with a perfect, selfless, undeniable love.

Let’s love others in that very same fashion.

9 thoughts on “An open letter to Phil Robertson

  1. Chris, you show your love and concern very well. I’m not sure what Phil Robertson was thinking when he chose to use that example. It basicly puts a spotlight on the notion that an atheist has no issue with bad things which I know is not true. My atheist friends have as much love for people as I do. However, because of his negative spin many or even most are turned off with regards to what I hope he was trying to say. The only positive spin I would add is that God uses people in different ways but at the same time those who teach are held at a higher level of accountability. I have friends who are gay, who are atheist, who are Muslim, and etc. I love them all even if I don’t agree with them and this does not change even when we talk about our differences. At least we talk and don’t hide our heads in the sand even if we disagree. I have my belief and have decided where my faith is placed which is in God the Creator. This only happened after I truly investigated with a total open mind the proofs behind no God vs. proof behind a true God. It is my prayer that everyone in this world would do the same. So many people miss the point that it takes faith to believe in God but it also takes faith to believe in evolution. Now where does one place their faith?

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  2. What a powerful message. One I can truly relate to. I become angry when I hear what he says in the name of “Christianity” and it makes me so angry. Then it just makes me sad. Sad that perhaps he does not know Christ as well as he could or should. For if he did could such hatred come from his mouth. If you want to see how a Jhidist/fantatic can start down a path of violence in the name of a righteous God look at yourself Phil and see if that is truly what Christ died for.

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  3. Powerful! Thank you! When we judge others we receive judgment onto ourselves; when we forgive we receive forgiveness. We reap what our thoughts, words and actions sow in the world; thank you for reminding us of having the same Mind as Christ, seeing destiny and potential in all, and reaping what Jesus sowed on earth!

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    1. Is it judging or making an observation? Giving an opinion? The things he has said are very hateful and negative. His actions are actually reinforcing the opinions of atheists and others that Christians are hateful and hypocritical.


  4. I love your post, and in all fairness, he apologized for his remarks and said he was wrong. He said he loves everyone and so does God. He didn’t have to say it for fear of losing their show or endorsements. They make millions without them.

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  5. As an atheist who is open-minded and respectful of people of faith, I want to thank you for being the example of Christianity that your Christ spoke of. I see many of my fellow non-religious who are angry at the religious, and can now point to Phil Robertson’s speech as “proof” of the reason. I know that we have much more in common than not, and our basic humanity should unite us. I wish there were more like you being voices in the faith communities of the world.

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  6. Yours is a very nice, Christ-like response.

    I just can’t in my head get where he was coming from with that speech. Like, how does that fit at all into a prayer breakfast? Does he really think this type of speech brings people closer to God?

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