Two to six and a new perspective

“The cancer has spread throughout more of your body than we had anticipated. You have two to six months to live.”

No one wants to hear those words spoken from the mouth of your doctor. In the natural, it’s devastating and completely overwhelming. It’s a slap in the face as you suddenly realize how frail life truly is.

There has been division in our family for years. On my wife’s side. No one denies that fact. Satan has used words, situations, and events to chip continually away at unity until nothing remains but pain and torment. He has been rather successful at it.

People always ask, why does it take someone in the family getting cancer to bring everyone together?

I see this entire situation in a completely different perspective.

First, here is one thing I don’t see. I don’t see God trying to teach anyone a lesson by punishing them with a disease. Good things come from above, not sickness, death, or pain.

I see this as the enemy attacking someone’s body with a disease that originates straight from the pit of Hell. The enemy is here to kill, steal, and destroy. If you are going through anything that involves death, loss, or destruction, it’s from satan.

I also stopped asking why the possibility of death brings people together and started to realize that anything the devil tries to do will ultimately fail.

The Cross, for example. Satan thought he had secured a wondrous victory, when, in fact, quite the opposite happened. He suffered his worst defeat when Jesus walked out of the tomb.

The same thing is happening in our current family situation.

Romans 8:28 says:

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

The enemy has tried to rip us further apart with cancer, but the family is coming together. Once again, father of lies, you lose.

There is no doubt in my mind that the journey will be long. The walls built up over the years between everyone are stronger than reinforced steel.

Every meaningful embrace. Every soft kiss. Every kind word. Moments of shared tears. Those are the weapons we will use to defeat the enemy once again. Love will be the wrecking ball to division and strife.

And we have hope. Instead of going the chemo, medicine, and drugs route, my father-in-law is going all natural. There are countless stories of people diagnosed with stage 4 cancer who have survived. Juicing. Enzymes. B17. The plan of attack has already begun, and there is hope for many more years of life. Good quality of life.

The devil’s plan will fail. Regardless of what happens throughout this journey, we still win.

We will move forward in faith.

Faith that all things do indeed work together for good.

Faith that the Spirit inside of us has the power over sin and death.

Faith that relationships will be restored and better than they’ve ever been.

Faith that love never fails.

Faith that no matter what we see with our eyes, nothing changes the truth of who we are in Christ. Nothing changes God’s love for us. And nothing can ever defeat the hope we will hold onto with reckless abandon.

We won’t be shaken.

The enemy has already been defeated.

No matter what happens, we are living in a win-win situation.


There are two ways in which you can help.

The list of food items alone needed to attack this naturally is staggering. Juicing requires so many pounds of ingredients per week. Austin will also be taking pancreatic enzymes, B17 supplements, and an array of other natural remedies. Anything you can provide to help us on this journey is most certainly appreciated. Donate HERE

The other way is with your support and prayers. We have a Caring Bridge page set up where you can keep up to date on Austin’s progress and also leave words of encouragement. Click HERE

17 thoughts on “Two to six and a new perspective

  1. I’m praying for all of you. May God bless you all with His strength and peace. I can’t be there physically to help but there will be a whole multitude praying for you, and that’s where I’ll be.

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  2. Reblogged this on Handicap and commented:
    I hope this family keeps looking up and when things get tough ask for the divine assistance of God. I know this is a bad way to look at it especially right now but God’s will, will be done not your will.

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  3. I pray for you and your family at this time, to give you the grace and strength to carry this cross.
    “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose”. Romans 8:28

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