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Ever since high school, my passion has been writing. I started with poetry and song lyrics. I then discovered that I loved writing fiction. Now I blog on a consistent basis and publish short novellas on Amazon. I work full time as an Account Management Specialist with a kidney dialysis company. It’s sometimes very hard to find the time to write.

My main passion is to write blog posts and stories that point people to Christ. If you’ve followed my blog for any period of time, you know how much I love people. I believe we are on this planet to love. It’s the reason we’re alive. I am able to do that through my writing.

To write full time has long been a dream of mine. You could help make that dream a reality. By supporting me on a monthly basis, you will be reaching out to millions of people across the globe. The Great Commission says for us to go into all the world. Since I can’t physically accomplish that right now, my writing is the tool I use to reach the lost.

There are so many people who just need hope. The Bible says we have Christ in us, the hope of glory. Let’s share that hope with the entire planet.

I want to continue publishing novellas on Amazon. I want to continue blogging meaningful articles and post that encourage people to pursue Jesus with every fiber of their being. You can help me do that.

I write about faith, fiction, the lost, parenting, and other topics that I care deeply about. I write honestly and give examples from my own life and experiences.

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Just want to thank you for 2014

I have 23,326 people following my blog. Out of all those people, I usually have maybe 75-100 faithful readers. I want to personally thank you so much for being a part of my blog. I write about whatever I feel God lays on my heart. I’ve penned some very interesting posts this last year. Thank you so much for your comments, likes, and re-blogs. They are all greatly appreciated.

Here’s an excerpt:

Madison Square Garden can seat 20,000 people for a concert. This blog was viewed about 64,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Madison Square Garden, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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I Was There **New low price**

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For some, the Bible can be an intimidating book to dig into. Its pages reveal a history of days past, with practical application for the here and now. Every word inspired by God Himself, penned by the hands of mere mortals. It contains stories, not of super-human people with amazing powers or special abilities that no one can possibly measure up too, but of real people. Just like us. Human beings who were lost and without hope until a Savior was sent to shed His blood on a tree.

Chris Martin has written I Was There in such a way that it has the potential to impact everyone from the most seasoned theologian, to the lonely teenager sitting in the back of a Sunday service. Each story is presented from a perspective of the main character, giving insight into their deepest feelings and emotions. You don’t merely read the shocking story of Abraham about to sacrifice his only son on the altar, but you experience the immense pain of that call on his faith.

You aren’t left to merely observe the birth of Jesus in that manger two thousand years ago, but you join hearts and minds with a bewildered girl, barely more than a child, as she delivers our salvation. No longer just one of the crowd looking in scorn on the broken woman washing Jesus’ feet with her tears, or the woman taken in adultery and waiting to see her stoned to death, Martin allows the reader to see with their own eyes the forgiveness poured onto them by Jesus.

Not content with allowing you to only pity the widow whose only son has died, he opens up her heart and allows you to share the devastation at her loss and then her joy when Jesus returns her son to life. One after another, individuals who have previously been characters in the greatest story ever told become human beings that the reader can know in a whole new way. Martin allows you to join with the disciples as they participate in the miracles of the very same Messiah they have left everything to follow. The depths of our being are wrung dry of tears as we share an intimate moment with the wounded woman, weeping before the cross, in the death of the son she delivered in a stable 33 years earlier.

“My hope is that when people read these stories, they can somehow relate to the characters in a completely different way than ever before. That each encounter will bring the Bible to breathtaking life with a refreshingly different perspective. I envision youth leaders reading these stories to their students, giving them hope in a way unlike anyone has ever conveyed to them. For those who find the Bible hard to read or understand, I Was There will draw them into God’s Word with stories of faith, triumph, pain, and salvation.” – Chris Martin

Waiting for Daddy

The post today goes along the lines of the one I published yesterday. I’ve always had such respect for our military and those serving in law enforcement. I’ve never served in either, but my Dad did. Maybe that’s why I have such deepened sense of honor and gratitude.

I can’t imagine being a child and having a parent taken away in the line of duty. While thinking of that, I wrote Waiting for Daddy.


Waiting for Daddy

(Copyright 2014 Chris Martin)


Such tiny little hands, tiny little fingers

The softness of a newborn’s touch

Rosy cheeks, fresh scent that lingers

Two people who love her so much


He slips off into the night with a goodbye kiss

In the silence, Mom and child sit alone

She whispers a prayer, wrapped tightly in a wish

They’re already waiting for Daddy to come home


It’s her first day of school, ribbon tied in her hair

White dress and cute matching shoes

Swing sets and fun, without a worry or care

She plays as if there’s nothing to lose


Mom picks her up, a smile on her face

Her little girl already looks so grown

They sit at the table, there’s just one empty place

They’re waiting for Daddy to come home


Graduation day, it’s so hard to believe

The years have gone by way too fast

Although her future shines bright, it will be hard to leave

She clings to memories that will always last


She looks at the crowd, there’s one face missing

Her mother sits in the aisle all alone

So many stars, on which she’s been wishing

She’s still waiting for Daddy to come home


A badge and a belt, a picture with the edges well worn

All that’s left of the man she never knew

He answered the call, and on the night she was born

Lost his life while wearing the uniform of blue


Tears stream down her face as the people stand

Her mother stares at the woman all grown

They walk down the aisle, she gave herself to another man

She’s no longer waiting for Daddy to come home

The true heroes

I’ve been watching the TV show, Cops, quite a bit lately. Spike TV has been running marathons on Fridays and Saturdays. I’ve watched the show in the past, but with a much different attitude than what I have now.

I used to take joy in watching people get thrown to the ground, shot with a Taser, and eventually handcuffed. I would shake my head in disbelief as people constructed lies to try and cover their criminal activity. I would call them stupid and deserving when they resisted arrest, and were forced to their knees by officers with guns drawn.

I watch the show now with a deep sadness in my heart. Policemen encounter people during their worst moments. Some in desperation. Some in the throes of addiction. Most all of them with little or no hope. I watched one the other night where a guy wouldn’t put his weapon down, because he wanted the officers to kill him. I believe they call that suicide by cop. Once they had him in custody, he said there was no reason to live anymore.

That one literally brought tears to my eyes.

There is another world that most of us never see. A world where desperate people are fighting to remain alive. A world where men and women go to work with the possibility that they might never make it home to their families. A world where any one decision can be life or death.

The heroes in this world aren’t athletes or actors. They might be the ones making the big money, but catching a ball or being chased by monsters on a green screen can’t possibly compare to those who selflessly serve the public.

I’m a sports fan. I enjoy watching football and basketball, but it angers me to see millionaires act like big babies on the field when there are officers in the streets being murdered. Or when sons and daughters come back from war in a casket instead of standing on their own two feet. It really puts it all in perspective.

Cops don’t get paid enough. Teachers don’t get paid enough. Military men and women don’t get paid enough. We freak out if we have the opportunity to see a celebrity walking down the street, but when was the last time we thanked a solider or police officer for putting their lives on the line every day?

The amazing thing is that most of them do their jobs without even expecting a simple thank you.

I’m smart enough to realize there are two sides to every story. There are some bad cops out there. I’m sure there are also people in the military with some not so heroic intentions. That doesn’t mean they are all bad.

I don’t know how my salary compares to policemen or military personnel, but I hope and pray they make more than I do.

When you lie down to sleep tonight, say a prayer for the police officer patrolling the dark streets in order to protect the innocent.

Remember the men and women, thousands of miles away, who only wish for the chance to hold their babies for Christmas.

Let’s remember who the true heroes are.

This isn’t goodbye, just see you later

Just wanted to let everyone know that this will be my last post for a while.

I greatly appreciate all who read and take the time to comment. Yes, even the ones who want to point out how wrong I am. Lol. The internet contains millions of people blogging, and the fact that you read my little corner in cyberspace means a lot.

I am actually going to unplug from all social media as well. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. WordPress. I did this once before, and it made me realize how much social media consumes our lives. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it. It allows us to connect to people from all over the world in ways that were impossible several years ago. It provides independent authors such as myself a platform to promote our work. I’ve reconnected with long lost friends via Facebook. There are so many benefits to social media.

There is also a dark side. There has to be moderation.

Email has replaced writing a letter to someone and actually placing it the mailbox. Texting people and Skype have become the normal substitutes of face to face interaction. We spend more time looking down at our phones than we do at the people standing in front of us. We learn more about people on Facebook, YouTube, and Vine than we do by engaging in actual conversation.

With the advances in modern day technology, it’s inevitable that we will utilize those things in our lives. We just can’t forget that there is so much more to this life than our phones. Growing up, I spent the daylight hours playing outside. My parents would have to drag me into the house at night. I would be dirty, sweaty, and covered with new bruises, but it was awesome. This generation has no idea what life is like without smart phones, iPods, and laptops.

We need to show them.

Take a break from posts, tweets, and uploads. Get outside with your kids. Go visit someone you haven’t seen in a long time. Reconnect with family, friends, and loved ones. We will all be much better for it.

Starting tomorrow, I am taking the unplug challenge. Who’s with me?

A Change

I’ve had this blog for several years, and it’s been awesome interacting with readers. There have been some great insights and interesting discussions on my posts. Having said that, I believe it’s time for a change.

I’m going to disable the comment feature on my blog.

Let me explain my reasons. I no longer debate. My relationship with God is a topic that is settled in my heart and conscience. It’s way too late for anyone to try and change me. I’m only going to get worse. Lol. I don’t write in an attempt to prove people wrong. I simply write what the Lord puts on my heart, and what you do with that is entirely up to you. You are the steward of your heart. If you think what I write is complete garbage, that is perfectly fine. That doesn’t upset me, offend me, or change the Gospel in any way.

I’m not trying to be mean or arrogant. I’m just talking real.

There are many people who genuinely have questions that need answers, but there are also those who just like to fight. Satan has deceived the body of Christ for a long time. God didn’t desire to have thousands of different denominations. Where is the unity in that? The enemy loves it when people, who claim to be Christians, fight and debate over every little thing. He loves it when we use the Bible to claim promises and incorporate verses into our lives for a better day, but don’t actually follow in the footsteps of Jesus. The devil loves when we memorize scripture, but don’t actually apply it.

We spend so much time praying prayers, claiming victory, and speaking affirmations, and wonder why nothing in our life changes. We’re still confused, frustrated, and angry like everyone else, but we go to church. The Gospel isn’t a quick prayer to get into Heaven. It’s a transformation of life. It’s dying to ourselves completely. Surrendering all rights. Picking up our cross and following Jesus. Picking up our cross means to stare into the face of injustice, cruelty, and persecution, and not allow it to change anything.

The number one, most important thing you can do is get alone with God in the secret place. That’s where relationship becomes intimate and develops into more than just a head knowledge of our Father. It has radically changed my life, and I am growing into even more revelation and communion with God. It’s beyond awesome. If you’ve followed my blog for some time, you can tell the difference in my writing.

Let me say this with honest sincerity. I love you all. I wasn’t put on this earth to need love from you. I was put on this earth to love you. I wasn’t created for me. I was created for God’s image.

I encourage you to share and reblog my posts if you enjoy them. If you need to contact me directly, email me at, or use the Contact  page.

Thank you all so much for reading my posts. I pray that you are blessed with God’s continuing grace.

Social Media

I used to be the guy who had all the apps installed on my iPhone. You know which ones I’m talking about. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest (not for make-up tips or recipes, but to promote my blog posts and books), Google+, StumbleUpon, Oovoo, Tumblr, HootSuite, etc. My phone produced constant noise all day long. When I would wake up in the mornings, there were so many red alerts, my screen looked like a Christmas tree.

Well, I am thrilled to announce those days are over. Last week, I deleted Facebook from my phone. Last night, I deleted the rest of them. This is not some legalistic thing where I feel social media is taking up more of my time than my family, secret place encounters with God, or anything like that. The simple fact of the matter is this: I’m tired.

I finally realized that trying to keep up with all of these apps is absolutely exhausting. Anytime my phone made a sound, I immediately jumped on there to see if someone had liked a Facebook status, mentioned me on Twitter, or added me to Google+. Maybe someone left a comment on my blog or tagged me in a photo on Instagram. Ugh. No wonder my battery was always screaming for mercy.

It was so nice to wake up this morning, check my email in about two minutes, and put the phone down. I didn’t feel the sudden urge to pour a glass of egg nog, sing Silent Night, and wrap gifts.

One of the main reasons I tried to keep up with so many apps, was to promote my books. Being an independent author isn’t easy. We don’t have the backing of some huge publisher in New York to handle our marketing and promotion. We do all of it. And there is only one way I can describe the process: draining. For me, it’s so much more enjoyable to actually write a book than it is to try and let everyone know about it. And I wasn’t even spending the amount of time truly required to get the word “out there” to the masses.

Well, I’ve got to say that I’m pretty much over it now. I will continue to write books and blog posts, but the hours of marketing and promotion are over for me. Against all author tips, suggestions, and wisdom, I’m going to place my writing in God’s hands, and allow Him to find people who need to read my work. I’ll still have ads for my book here on the blog, and when I post something, it will automatically appear on my Twitter feed and Facebook author page, but I’m not going to bombard those apps with advertisements for my books. (I believe I just heard everyone in Twitter land let out a huge sigh of relief.)

If I reduce my Christian life to selling books instead of manifesting the Kingdom that lives within me, then I’m just waiting on a bus ride to Heaven.

Please don’t take that last statement as anything judgmental or me accusing other authors of being wrong. It’s not that at all. I’ve come to this point in my own life. This is what I’m doing. It has nothing to do with anyone else.

I truly believe God has given me the grace to pursue writing. He instilled this passion and desire within me, but I have to understand that I’m not doing it for me. I’ve never wanted to be famous or sell a million books. Honestly, I would love to make a living with the things I write, but if it never happens, that will be okay. I just want to glorify Father God with everything I do.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook, and you don’t see much of me anymore, you will know why.

Voice of an angel

I need to brag on my wife today. Not only is she an awesome mother of two girls, amazing bride to a guy who doesn’t deserve her, and the most compassionate, loving person on the planet, she also has a voice that will send you into an early rapture. I’m not kidding. Your chill bumps will have chill bumps.

I set up a page here on my blog to share her amazing talent. God has truly blessed her with the ability to spread the love of Christ through song. Please take a moment to listen, and comment to let her know how awesome she is. (If you listen and get swept away into the clouds, we’ll just have to hear your opinion when we reach Heaven.)

Click HERE for her page.

I am truly thankful for those of you who visit and read my blog on a consistent basis. WordPress says I have over 20,000 followers, but I usually only see 100-200 hits per day. That’s okay though. It’s not about the quantity of people who follow you, it’s all about the quality.

Jesus had 12 followers, and He completely set the world on fire.

Have a blessed day in our Lord.

Why I Write Clean (Re-post)

This is my most viewed, commented on, and discussed post of all time. Figured I would post it again.


A few years ago, I picked up a Stephen King novel (I can’t even remember what it was titled) and tried to read it. It was the first time I had the desire to read one of his books. There were so many F-bombs in the first two chapters that I just could not continue. I put it down and haven’t picked up one of his books since that day. Writing fiction is about telling a story, bringing characters to life, and entertaining the masses with a great novel. I get that, I truly do. And I know what the world is like and how ordinary people talk.

I’ve just decided that I don’t need that kind of language in my own novels.

It is a personal choice, and I’m certainly not trying to bash other authors who chose to use offensive language in their works. I have nothing against them at all. In fact, my favorite author of all time is Dean Koontz. He has bad words sprinkled throughout his novels, but not every other sentence. They aren’t enough to where I get so tired of reading curse words and close the book as I did with Mr. King’s. I honestly don’t see the need for it.

Now, maybe it is because I’m a Christian and I don’t talk like that anymore. I used to swear like a sailor, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit to the fact that a profane word slips out every now and again, but I don’t want it in my stories. I want my kids to pick up my novels one day and read them all from cover to cover. If I’m setting an example in my daily life for them with my actions, but writing vulgar words in my books, how will they know which lead to follow?

My very first novel is entitled Hollow Eyes (which I’m in the process of rewriting, by the way), and I had some elements in there that I now realize I don’t care for. I guess, at that time, I felt the need to write curse words and gory descriptions in order to sell books. That was nearly fifteen years ago. Now, it’s not about writing what I think is going to sell a million books. It’s about the legacy I leave behind for my children. I don’t want them to be embarrassed, twenty years down the road, when they have friends over, and they are looking through the things I wrote while still alive on this Earth. I want them to be proud of my work and have the desire to share it with the rest of the world.

That is why I write clean.

I’ve recently joined the growing number of indie authors who self-publish online, and I’ve met some truly awesome people. It is an amazing sense of camaraderie and encouragement that I get on a daily basis. Whether it’s people retweeting me on Twitter, or giving me a positive review on one of my stories, they are there not only to promote themselves, but the rest of us who are in the same boat. It’s satisfying to know I’m not alone in the overwhelming world of being an author and trying to get my name known to the millions of people who purchase books online.

As I mentioned earlier, this post is not intended to bash authors who use cursing in their stories. It’s not about that at all. This is just a declaration of where I stand on the issue and my reasons for it. I hope I didn’t offend anyone with my words. It wasn’t my intention whatsoever. Having said that, I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Feel free to comment.