New recordings

It’s been several years since my wife has done any singing. We used to record songs at home, make CD’s, and send them to anyone who wanted one. (Once we get enough new tracks recorded, we will start doing that again) We gladly accepted any donations, but that wasn’t necessary at all.

Last week, we dusted off the mic and her vocal chords and started recording again. We have two new tracks uploaded as well as some older stuff. My wife loves to sing, and this has been a way for her to share her talent with others.

I know I’m somewhat biased, but when she sings, it’s like buckets of the Holy Spirit being poured out everywhere.

I hope you enjoy the following tracks. Who knows, maybe we’ll get her to audition for The Voice next year.

NEW Keep Making Me 

NEW Jesus Loves Me (Acapella) 

Speak For Me 

Via Dolorosa 

Mary Did You Know 

It Was For Me

Just wanted to share some lyrics I wrote back in 2011. Not sure if I ever posted them on here. I had a friend of mine, also with the name Chris, write the melody. I’ll have to get my wife to demo this song one day, and I will add it to her music page.


It Was For Me
© 2011 Chris Martin/Chris Burnett

(verse one)

Welcome to my world of desperation
Welcome to the shadows of my dreams
Looking for the One who brings salvation
One who knows the deepest part of me

Futile words on paper tell the story
Darkness hides my hope of finding peace
Doubt becomes the antonym of glory
As my soul dissolves into the sweet release


What is amazing grace
Why is there power in the cross
Why did God send His Son
And suffer through such loss

Drops of blood on a rusty nail
A crown of thorns that bit so deep
It was for me
It was for me


It was for me He died
It was for me He bled
Sin has been crucified
Christ has risen from the dead

It was for me He came
It was for me He gave
I am no more the same
Christ has overcome the grave

(repeat chorus)

Looking for the One who brings salvation
One who knows the deepest part of me

Check out my new page

Just wanted to give everyone a head’s up about the page on my blog. It’s called Jennifer’s Music. It’s music from my wife that we recorded here at home. Right now, I have the Christmas Favorites up there.

Click HERE for the page.


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