New recordings

It’s been several years since my wife has done any singing. We used to record songs at home, make CD’s, and send them to anyone who wanted one. (Once we get enough new tracks recorded, we will start doing that again) We gladly accepted any donations, but that wasn’t necessary at all.

Last week, we dusted off the mic and her vocal chords and started recording again. We have two new tracks uploaded as well as some older stuff. My wife loves to sing, and this has been a way for her to share her talent with others.

I know I’m somewhat biased, but when she sings, it’s like buckets of the Holy Spirit being poured out everywhere.

I hope you enjoy the following tracks. Who knows, maybe we’ll get her to audition for The Voice next year.

NEW Keep Making Me 

NEW Jesus Loves Me (Acapella) 

Speak For Me 

Via Dolorosa 

Mary Did You Know 

Casual Christian

I climbed into my time machine the other day and dialed it back to 1988. A song has been playing over and over inside my head for the last week, which prompted me to pen this post.

The song is titled Casual Christian, and it was released by a group called DeGarmo and Key. Now, some of you have no idea who I’m talking about. Eddie DeGarmo and Dana Key were huge back in the day when contemporary Christian music was going mainstream. Along with other artists like White Heart, Russ Taff, and Carman. (Now you truly know how old I am)

I just want to focus on the chorus of this song. It goes like this:

I don’t wanna be, I don’t wanna be a casual Christian
I don’t wanna live, I don’t wanna live a lukewarm life
Because I wanna light up the night
With an everlasting light
I don’t wanna live the casual Christian life

Here are some characteristics I think of when I hear the term casual Christian.

Someone who goes to church on Sunday, but doesn’t do anything else during the week.

Someone who reads their Bible just enough to fulfill a quota.

Someone who volunteers for outreach just to check off the box on a to-do list.

The list could go on and on, but these are big ones.

Revelation 3:16 is a very sobering verse in Scripture. God tells us what He thinks of lukewarm.

So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to ever be vomited out of God’s mouth. Have you ever grabbed a glass of water, thinking it was cold, and when you took a huge gulp, you realized it was lukewarm? Not pleasant. Not pleasant at all.

The Gospel is so much more than attending church on Sunday, reading the Bible in a year, or going on a mission trip. It’s about dying to self, renewing the mind, and following Christ.

It’s a complete transformation of life. It’s not a prayer to recite, and then go right back to the same way of living.

One thing I used to do is try and follow a bunch of reading plans for the Bible. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with those, I’m just saying don’t limit yourself to them. Don’t make your reading time robotic or so rigid that you feel guilty if you don’t read the required amount in a day. I know a guy who spent his entire first year of being a Christian reading nothing but Ephesians 1.

So, I don’t use them anymore. I open the Bible and just say yes to the Holy Spirit.

Let’s stop being casual Christians, and start living for Christ by dying to everything we are. It’s no longer about us.

It’s about Him.

Voice of an angel

I need to brag on my wife today. Not only is she an awesome mother of two girls, amazing bride to a guy who doesn’t deserve her, and the most compassionate, loving person on the planet, she also has a voice that will send you into an early rapture. I’m not kidding. Your chill bumps will have chill bumps.

I set up a page here on my blog to share her amazing talent. God has truly blessed her with the ability to spread the love of Christ through song. Please take a moment to listen, and comment to let her know how awesome she is. (If you listen and get swept away into the clouds, we’ll just have to hear your opinion when we reach Heaven.)

Click HERE for her page.

I am truly thankful for those of you who visit and read my blog on a consistent basis. WordPress says I have over 20,000 followers, but I usually only see 100-200 hits per day. That’s okay though. It’s not about the quantity of people who follow you, it’s all about the quality.

Jesus had 12 followers, and He completely set the world on fire.

Have a blessed day in our Lord.

Check out my new page

Just wanted to give everyone a head’s up about the page on my blog. It’s called Jennifer’s Music. It’s music from my wife that we recorded here at home. Right now, I have the Christmas Favorites up there.

Click HERE for the page.


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Have a blessed day.