Why do we expect Hollywood to teach us the Bible?

Social media can be very interesting. This has happened to me personally, but I also see it with others as well. Someone can post a Bible verse, or even an amazing nugget of spiritual truth, and maybe get a couple likes, possibly a comment and a share. The same person can upload a picture of a pork sandwich the next day, and people go bonkers. Tons of likes, comments that you have to keep scrolling down to read, and everyone and their brother will share the picture. I just don’t understand why we are so consumed with stuff that honestly doesn’t matter very much in the overall big picture.

Another trend I’ve been noticing recently is Christians getting upset over movies. It’s kind of funny, because my reactions to these “Christian” movies over the last year or two have been completely different from that of my brothers and sisters. Let me give you some examples.

God’s Not Dead. The Christian community went bananas over this movie. It was as if we won some kind of battle against atheists. Why do we so easily forget that our war isn’t against flesh and blood? Ephesians 6:12. I actually did a post on this earlier in the year. You can read it HERE. Overall, I enjoyed the movie, but didn’t like the main theme. I don’t believe we have to prove that God exists. Arguing and fighting with people over our beliefs doesn’t accomplish anything but more animosity. We prove God exists by walking in love and using our life as the unspoken argument.

Son of God. Again, Christians went all out fruity over this movie playing in the theaters. I actually felt as if I had been bamboozled a little bit. If you watched The Bible miniseries on TV, then you had pretty much already seen this movie. It might have been promoted that way, but I don’t know for sure. I was sorely disappointed. However, if putting Son of God on the big screen resulted in people realizing their need for a Savior, then it served its purpose.

Noah. There was such an uproar about this movie when it was released. Everything from it was directed by an atheist to it doesn’t follow the Biblical story. Well, I waited and waited for this to come out, because I wanted to see it. Russell Crowe as Noah? Are you serious? We were about to get Gladiator meets Genesis. Unfortunately, the movie was a big snooze fest for me. I believe I actually fell asleep a couple of times. Aside from a couple places with great special effects, it was horrible. I honestly didn’t care whether it completely aligned with the Biblical version or not, which is quite opposite of what most people were looking for.

Exodus. Facebook posts about this movie are what led me to write this blog today. I haven’t seen it yet, so I can’t give my personal opinion on it’s quality. I’m taking my kids to see the new Hobbit movie next week, so Exodus will be a DVD rental. Christians, again, are getting riled up because of what they are seeing on the screen. Or, to put it more accurately, what they are NOT seeing on the screen. I think even Glen Beck said something about it was making Moses out to be a terrorist. I don’t know. I can’t wait to see it, though. It looks amazing.

We are expecting Hollywood to teach the Bible, and I don’t understand why.

I also don’t understand why we only get upset over the “Christian” movies we see emerge. Why don’t we rant and rave on Facebook over the movies saturated with vulgarity, sex, and gory violence? Are we so desensitized to this world, that those movies are just normal? It’s only when something “good” comes out, it strikes a nerve? TV shows are the same. We are up in arms over the inaccuracies of Exodus, but remain glued to the television when The Walking Dead or Sons of Anarchy come on. They are cursing God’s name, but yet that’s okay? C’mon, Church.

If you want a Bible lesson about the flood or Moses, go to church, or better yet, just read your Bible.

My wife and I decided years ago to stop watching rated R movies, with the one exception being Passion of the Christ. I’ve been called legalistic before when I posted about this, but that’s okay. I honestly don’t care if you think it’s legalistic or not. I don’t want to fill my mind with that garbage. I want to chase after righteousness and His kingdom. I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch rated R movies. It’s none of my business. I’m telling you what’s right for me and my family.

Time is short. People are lost. If we are truly born again, we have Christ in us, the hope of glory. We have the hope people need, whether they know what they are searching for or not.

Let’s stop being offended when Hollywood doesn’t get it right, and start loving people every day.

They need what we say we have.

I’m not being legalistic. I’m just being real.

So often, I think about the things I say, do, participate in, and watch, and I wonder:  If Jesus was right there beside me in the flesh, would I still do them?

I’m a Christian. The Bible says we are in the world, but not of it. If people look at me, and can’t see something different, then I need to re-evaluate the relationship I have with my Father. A couple big things for me are TV shows and movies. Years ago, we stopped watching R rated movies. Just got tired of the incessant cursing, gory violence, and sex. None of those are listed in Philippians 4:8. Even some PG-13 movies are ridiculous with all they try and get in there without taking on an R rating. By the way, Plugged In is a great site from which to obtain information about movies before going to watch them.

I see Christian friends posting about TV shows or movies they enjoy, and to be honest, it surprises me somewhat. A very popular show is The Walking Dead. People are infatuated with it. Thanks to the convenience of Netflix, I gave it a shot last year, and made it through maybe one full episode and half of the second. It’s complete filth. If Jesus knocked on the door and wanted to hang out for a bit, would we seriously watch that? “Hey, Jesus. You’ve GOT to see this show everyone is raving about. It’s awesome!”

Another Christian friend was excited about the new season coming up for the show, Sons of Anarchy. About bikers. Again, I sat down with Netflix and gave it a chance. Same result. Complete filth.

Now listen. It’s not my job to tell you what you can and cannot watch. That is entirely between you and God. You are the steward of your own heart and conscience. I just believe that as Christians, we have no right to indulge in what our flesh wants. When we decide to follow Christ, we give up all rights. We were never created to please our self. That all came onto the scene the moment Adam and Eve ate the fruit. The fall of man.

It’s a process of renewing our minds and daily dying to our flesh. Start simple. I’ve mentioned this before. When I go to the store, instead of finding the closest parking spot, I look for one that is further away. It may sound stupid, but our flesh wants to park as close as possible so we don’t have to walk far. Just say, “No, flesh. You are dead to me”, park further back, and enjoy the exercise.

Jesus paid a high price to reconcile us back to the Father. To bring us back into righteousness, right standing, with our Creator. He paid for it by allowing Himself to be murdered on a tree. He looked down at the very ones who nailed Him up there, and asked His Father to forgive them, because they had no idea what they were doing. He knew everything we would ever do against Him, and none of it stopped His love from pouring out. Whew. That creates a desire within me to live for Him. To give up the desires of my flesh, and crawl up onto the altar as a living sacrifice.

I encourage you to evaluate your activities, and see if they are pleasing God, or the flesh.